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Open booth booking form

Please complete this form and submit to the following email:

Open booth booking form

Set Up Requirements - OPEN BOOTH

  • Booth must be within 3 meters of a power point.
  • Booth must be under a secure shelter (i.e. gazebo, veranda, pergola, garage, marquee, etc.) due to unpredictability of weather conditions.
  • Video booth must be positioned away from DJs and high noise areas to avoid audio interference

Thank you for choosing Party Photo Booths. We require just a few details about your special day to secure your booking.

Personal Contact Details


Email Address

Contact number

Postal address

Post code

Event Details

Event date

Booth start time

Finish time

Expected number of guests

Venue Details

Venue name :

Venue address :

Venue contact name:

Contact number :

Are there stairs leading up to the venue?


Please provide any other information that may be useful for our attendants on the day (e.g. lifts, loading dock information,parking, etc.):

Select booth back drop

One size only – 2.1m x 2.1m (fits up to 6-8 people) Please select your background

Please note that the exterior of your booth will also be the colour you select.

Champange sparkle
Silver glitter
Royal Blue

Green screen

What is your theme(we will email samples to choose 4 images)


I will provide my own background – please send 4 images hi-resolution 1200 x 800 jpeg format

All packages include:

  • Personalized caption (choose from our templates or send your own logo)
  • Booth attendant/technician
  • Dry mount photo album for guests to sign and for you to keep (pens and glue are supplied)
    (It is your responsibility to take the album once your event is finished)
  • Unlimited double prints
  • Unlimited sessions during rental period
  • Set up and removal
  • Online web and Facebook photo galleries (for guests to download digital copies)
  • Delivery (within metro only)
  • USB containing all digital copies of photos
  • Box of props

Choose Your Package

Choose from the following packages:

Photobooth Package This is our standard package comprised of great quality photographs with standard backgrounds.

Photobooth + Green Screen Package

Great for theme parties! You can select any image you like as your background—Hollywood red carpet, outer space, tropical paradise—you name it, we’ve got it!

Photobooth + Video Booth Package

As well as the standard Photobooth option, you and your guests will be able to record video messages in high definition! What’s more, all messages are compiled onto a DVD for you to keep, and double copies of the photos will also be printed.

PLEASE NOTE: For best results, the video booth must be situated away from music, DJs and areas with excessive noise as these factors interfere with the audio recording.

Please select one of the following packages (all prices include GST):

Photobooth Package
2 hours $6493 hours $7394 hours $8295 hours $929
Photobooth Green Screen
$50 per hour $___No. of hours___

Additional Costs

IPad station $50 (guest can email photos or upload instantly to their personal Facebook etc)Deluxe props $50Extra time $200 per hour $___No. of hours ___Delivery charges (outside metro areas)





A 50% deposit is required when you lodge your booking form to secure your event date. This can be made by direct debit.

Total Balance


Photo Print Format

We provide double prints of all photos—one copy for you and another for your guests.


I will providing my own logo (please remit via email on jpeg format hi-res) Select your layout- to be received two weeks prior to your event
I will selecting from Party Photo Booth templates (please refer to print template sheet- please fill in below) Please specify your caption prints this will appear on your prints (e.g. ‘Mary & John’s Wedding 24.10.2012):

*Please write clearly


Please select a layout from the following options:

Option 1 – 4x6” print size
Option 2 – 4x6” print size
Option 3 – 2x6” print size

Online Gallery

The online gallery gives your guests the option of downloading a digital copy of the photos taken at the event. The gallery is also linked to our Facebook page which enables guests to tag themselves and leave comments. We also offer password protection for galleries—for this option, please note that the username and password will be emailed to you post event.
Please select one option:



A 50% deposit is required when you lodge your booking form to secure your event date. This can be made by direct debit.

Payable to:

PB Events and Marketing Pty Ltd
BSB: 032 513
Account #: 331 784
Please quote your full name as reference.

Once payment has cleared a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided with an invoice attached.


The balance is required to be paid in full 30 days prior to the event to the above account via direct deposit.

PLEASE NOTE: Rental must be paid in full 30 days prior to rental date. Service will be declined if you fail to do so.
All prices include GST.

Terms and conditions

  • The hirer specified on the front page of this booking form (“You”) agree that you have read and understood all questions and information in the booking form attached to these terms and conditions (“the booking form”).
  • You shall pay a 50% deposit to Party Photo Booth (“PPB”) upon returning this executed form to PPB.
  • You shall, at least 30 days prior to the proposed date of hire, pay the balance of the amount payable for the services selected by you in the attached booking form (“outstanding amount”). Should you not pay the outstanding amount by that date, PPB shall be entitled to terminate this agreement and retain the deposit.
  • PPB shall refund to you 50% of the deposit paid in the event that you cancel your booking, provided that such cancellation is noti-
    fied to PPB in writing at least 30 days prior to the proposed date of booking.
  • PPB or any representative thereof may, during the period of hire, restrict or prohibit access to or use of the photo booth if they
    determine in their absolute discretion that the photo booth is being misused, used in a dangerous manner, used in a manner that may damage the booth or any associated equipment or is otherwise not being used in accordance with PPB’s representative’s instructions or requirements.
  • You shall indemnify PPB and its representatives, employees, and agents in relation to any loss or damage suffered as a direct or
    indirect result of your use of the booth or any associated equipment, or the actions or omissions of you, your agents, employees, invitees. Without limiting the forgoing, the use of the photo booth and any other equipment of PPB is entirely at Your risk, until all such equipment is returned to or collected by PPB.
  • PRB do not cater for outside events unless solid enclosed shelter for the booth is provided like an enclosed patio, enclosed marquee or garage. You shall indemnify Party Photo Booth to the extent that such shelter is not provided, or such shelter is not in all respects waterproof and protective of the photo booth from wind, hail and all other elements. The booth needs to be within 3 meters of a PowerPoint, and you are in all respects responsible for ensuring that such PowerPoint is available for this purpose.
  • Setup and dismantle of the booth is included in the quote.
  • A travel surcharge will apply to events outside Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan area, and You shall pay same immediately upon being notified by PPB of the amount payable.
  • The Hirer shall immediately advise the relevant booth operator upon becoming aware of any issue that may cause or contribute to damage to the booth or endanger the safety of any person in relation to the use of the booth, and the Hirer shall ensure that no intoxicated persons are permitted within the vicinity of the booth.
  • Once service is completed all payments are final and non-refundable.
  • If the Hirer requests a package or services in the booking form, then the Hirer shall pay to PPB the then current cost charged by PPB to the public for services of that kind, notwithstanding that such cost may have changed since the date of the execution of the booking form.
  • It is the hirer responsibility to provide Party Photo booth with adequate details for unloading. If loading poses a risk of injury to the booth attendant he/she have right to refuse to proceed with the job .Under these circumstances the hirer will not be entitled to a refund.
  • PPB shall not be obliged to agree to additional hours of hiring beyond those confirmed in writing by PPB. However, on the day or night of hiring, PPB may agree to extend such hours of use, in consideration for the payment by the Hirer of the then current cost charged by PPB to the public for additional use in such circumstances.
  • If hiring a video booth hirer must ensure booth is situated away from loud sounds that may compromise the audio.
  • You acknowledge that PPB owns copyright to all photos taken in its booths, and You indemnify PPB in relation to any claim to the
    contrary that relates to the use of the booth as referred to in these terms and conditions.
  • When hiring from Party Photo Booth the hirer gives permission for images to be used on Party Photo Booths website, facebook page and in future advertising, and you must ensure that all of your employees, guests, invitees and agents similarly give such permission.
  • Party Photo Booth respects the privacy of others and if a guest or the hirer would like certain images removed from the website party photo booth will respectfully remove it upon the hirer or guest request.
  • Provider agrees to have a Photo Booth operational for a minimum of 70% during this period; operations may need to be interrupt-
    ed for maintenance of the Photo Booth, and you shall not be entitled to make any claim and PPB shall not be liable in relation to such maintenance or any temporary inability to use the photo booth that does not exceed 30% of the total hiring period.
  • Party Photo Booth shall not be held responsible for any circumstances that may prevent us from attending your event; these may
    include but are not limited to severe weather conditions, traffic delays, breakdown of our vehicles, sickness or equipment failure.In the case that we cannot attend or fulfil your hire due to events beyond our control we will contact you or the venue as soon as possible. In these instances our liability will be limited to refunding hire amount paid by hirer.
  • Party Photo Booth cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control such power outages these instances hirer will
    not be entitled to refund.
Accept Terms and conditions

By signing below you have read and agreed with our terms and conditions.

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